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Bill Tweit

Columbia River Recreational Fishing Advisory Group

The purpose of the Advisory Group is to advise Washington and Oregon Departments of Fish and Wildlife on issues affecting recreational salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon fisheries in the Columbia River.  These issues include creation of stable and viable fishing opportunity through development of management plans and refinement of fishing techniques, and development of strategies for maintaining diverse recreational fishing opportunities.

  1. Advisors will be selected to represent recreational fishing interests throughout the mainstem Columbia and Snake rivers in both states, and to reflect participation in all segments of the recreational sector, including private anglers, charters/guides, local and large-scale retailers, ports, and manufacturers.
  2. It is anticipated that the advisors will meet as a group 2-4 times per year, including public meetings held as part of the North of Falcon season planning process.  The Advisory Group will also be expected to provide guidance to the Columbia River Compact and Joint State Sport Hearings through attendance and testimony. 

Meeting Calendar and Agendas

No meetings listed at this time.