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See the Scatter Creek EIM Research page for mapping instructions and resources

Photo by Rod Gilbert

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Scatter Creek Wildlife Area Ecological Integrity Monitoring Project

We need your assistance to monitor ecological trends on the Scatter Creek Wildlife Area

Join the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife in a citizen science initiative to conduct a long-term Ecological Integrity Monitoring (EIM) on Scatter Creek Wildlife Area. You will be provided training, and a free business pass for access to the wildlife area.

Citizen Science volunteers:  You will need a camera (digital or smart phone), and access to a computer website.  You can elect to report data at a specific site or multiple sites.

WDFW’s  research scientists will provide Citizen Science volunteers training on:

  • Photo-point Monitoring - using your digital camera or Smart Phone to take photos at specific GPS points using WDFW protocols, and uploading the images to a WDFW website.
  • Habitat Data Collection - record key habitat features you observe on data collection forms and upload the information to a WDFW website.

How to Volunteer

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Trained volunteers will receive:


If you have registered in CERVIS, be sure to indicate the "INTEREST CATEGORY" with respect to the wildlife area where you are interested in doing EIM.

Example: Under Citizen Science, check the EIM opportunity associated with the wildlife area of interest--AND, either go to or, in CERVIS, go to SERVICE PROJECTS, and register for the Ecological Integrity Monitoring Pool. By being in this pool, we can let you know when we have EIM training at WDFW wildlife areas.

For more information contact:
Janet Anthony (360) 902-2698,