Larry Phillips
Region 6 Director

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Program Overview
Program Priorities

Coastal MRC Program priorities are intended to guide the development of the Coastal MRC Program and focus the work of coastal MRCs.  These priorities – or operating principles – were developed and adopted by the Coastal MRC Program Work Group and include:

Establish MRCs

Establish coastal MRCs in order to provide a non-regulatory mechanism to discuss and develop solutions for issues facing coastal resources and communities

Ensure MRC and program accountability and alignment with regional priorities by measuring performance against program benchmarks

Act in consult with tribal and state co-managers

Ensure that local residents are selected and participate in MRCs

Complement existing efforts

Complement and support ongoing efforts to improve scientific knowledge, public understanding, conservation and restoration, and management of marine resources

Build partnerships

Coordinate and communicate with MRCs, the Northwest Straits Commission, tribal and state co-managers, local, regional, federal, and other stakeholders and organizations about local and regional projects and issues

Expand partnerships with tribal governments and continue to foster respect for tribal cultures and treaties

Communicate coastal issues to the Governor’s office and the State Ocean Caucus

Utilize science

Conduct scientific investigations and monitoring efforts to fill key gaps in knowledge about valuable coastal species and habitats (e.g. ecosystem-based management)

Monitor and assess impacts of coastal and marine development

Promote healthy communities and resources

Promote healthy coastal communities through improved infrastructure and sustainable practices relating to marine resources

Promote marine resources stewardship through community volunteer opportunities and public education efforts

Promote coastal hazards awareness and community preparedness through education and outreach programs

Support the conservation and restoration of coastal habitats, and marine populations to healthy and sustainable levels and prevent future state and federal species listings

Conduct and implement strategic planning to identify marine resources related threats to and opportunities for sustainability

Assess sources of and reduce marine and estuarine pollution and debris