Washington Department of
Fish & Wildlife
Volunteer Program

Christine Redmond
Volunteer Program Manager



St. Helens Land Access Program 2013-2014

A great opportunity to help provide hunting access in Region 5!  The St. Helens Land Access Program is a cooperative effort between many volunteer organizations, Weyerhaeuser, and WDFW to provide additional weekday motorized access to the majority of the Weyerhaeuser St. Helens Tree Farm during special elk permit seasons.  Thanks to the hard work of participants, this program has been very successful in providing access to approximately 80% of the St. Helens Tree Farm for the past 6 years.

Volunteers are paired up and assigned to road junctions to direct hunters to open areas on the tree farm.  The number of volunteers that sign up is directly related to the amount of land that can potentially be opened up.  Because of the volunteer presence, Weyerhaeuser chooses to open much of their land to motorized access knowing there is a reduced risk of dangerous encounters with hunting traffic near active logging operations.

You can help to provide access by signing up as a volunteer on the calendar provided. This volunteer program is MH eligible.

We appreciate your help and look forward to another safe and successful year!

When Volunteers are Needed
Green shaded days = volunteers needed to provide hunter access.