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Bradley Smith, Ph.D., Chair
Larry Carpenter, Vice Chair


Commission Policy Documents

Commission's Department of Fish and Wildlife Policy Document - January 12, 2008

Policies approved by the Fish and Wildlife Commission. Check the Effective Date of the specific policy to see when it was actually implemented.

Number Title
C3001 Lower Columbia Sturgeon Management
C3002 North Pacific Fishery Management Council
C3003 Puget Sound Groundfish Management
C3009 Razor Clam Management
C3010 Lake and Stream Rehabilitations
C3012 Forage Fish Management Policy, Goals and Plan
C3013 Marine Protected Areas
C3601 Management Policy for Pacific Halibut
C3603 Policy Guidelines For Pacific Fishery Management Council Representation
C3604 Management Objectives For Coastal Dungeness Crab
C3605 Principles For Negotiating State/Tribal Shellfish Management Agreements
C3607 Tribal Hunting Coordination
C3608 DRAFT 2017-2018 North of Falcon NEW!  
Comments due by January 6, 2017. Send comments to
C3608 2015-2016 North of Falcon
C3609 Puget Sound Crab Fishery
C3610 Puget Sound Shrimp Fishery (updated December 15, 2012)
C3611 Marine Fish Culture
C3612 Columbia River Smelt (Eulachon)
C3619 Hatchery and Fishery Reform
C3620 Columbia River Basin Salmon Management
C3621 Grays Harbor Basin Salmon Management
C3622 Willapa Bay Salmon Management

4000 - BUDGET
Number Title
C4001 Budget Reductions FY2009-11

5000 - HABITAT
Number Title
C5001 Timber/Fish/Wildlife Forestry Module Negotiation Guidance

Number Title
C6001 Policy Guidelines for Negotiation and Maintenance of the Colville Agreement
C6002 Private Lands Access
C6003 Domestic Livestock Grazing on Department Lands
C6005 Master Hunter Program