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Draft 2015 State Wildlife Action Plan


VOLUME 1: Chapters 1-7

VOLUME 2: Appendix A -- Species Fact Sheets

VOLUME 3: Appendices B-F

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Draft 2015 State Wildlife Action Plan
Available for Public Review

Washington’s 2015 State Wildlife Action Plan Update is available for public review and comment.  Comments will be accepted through September 10th, 2015.  Please submit any comments to Lynn Helbrecht, State Wildlife Action Plan Coordinator by email,   Questions can be directed by email or phone to Lynn at (360) 902-2238.  

The US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) requires that State Wildlife Action Plans (SWAP) be developed and approved in order for states to be eligible for State Wildlife Grants (SWG) funds.  This funding source was established by Congress in 2001 and intended to direct conservation action towards species and habitats of greatest conservation need.  These funds are distributed annually and Washington receives approximately $1.2 million each year. The SWAPs must be revised and updated every 10 years and WDFW’s revised SWAP is due on September 30th, 2015.  Washington completed its first SWAP, then called the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy, in 2005.

After evaluating the structure and content of the existing 2005 Plan, WDFW determined that many sections needed substantial revision or updating.  As we prepared these revisions, we focused on organizing the content of the revised SWAP in a way that will leverage opportunities for implementation. One of the primary uses of the SWAP within WDFW will be to inform and guide agency work plans, research projects, and priorities for conservation planning and action.


WDFW has scheduled a webinar to introduce reviewers to the SWAP, and to answer any questions about the content.   Please RSVP here to reserve a space and receive access information.   Other briefings can be arranged by contacting Lynn Helbrecht.  

  • August 20th - 10:00-11:300