Washington Wolf Packs: Huckleberry

February 2013

The Huckleberry pack has eight members – including a successful breeding pair – as determined from photographs and DNA samples. This winter WDFW biologists are attempting to capture a wolf in this pack to equip it with a monitoring collar.

In June 2012, five wolf pups were video-recorded by a remote camera set by WDFW biologists in southern Stevens County, east of the town of Fruitland and north of the Spokane Indian Reservation. Cameras were set up in that area based on reports of wolf activity, including wolf tracks and evidence of wolves at a moose kill. Spokane tribal biologists collected scat during the winter of 2011-2012 and DNA analysis of those samples identified at least four individual wolves in the area. The pack was named for nearby Huckleberry Mountain.  



Pups from the Huckleberry Pack in Spokane County – June 2012