Washington Wolf Packs: Salmo

February 2013

The Salmo pack has at least two confirmed members, as confirmed by aerial surveys.

 An adult female was captured and radio-collared in September 2012. Continued monitoring should provide a better understanding of the composition of this pack.  

Based on earlier radio-collar data, about one-third of this pack’s home-range is in British Columbia with the rest in the northeast corner of Washington  The pack was named for Salmo Mountain in Pend Oreille County.


The Salmo Pack was first documented in August 2010 when a male pup of the year was captured and radio-collared about two miles south of the Canadian border in eastern Pend Oreille County.  End of the year surveys confirmed  the pack consisted of just two adults and that single pup, so it was not counted as a successful breeding pair for 2010.

In spring of 2011 WDFW confirmed that the Salmo Pack denned in Washington. No reproduction was confirmed during summer surveys and no pups were counted at the end of 2011.



Salmo Pack gray wolves captured by WDFW motion-triggered
camera in May 2011.

Salmo Pack gray wolf captured by WDFW motion-triggered
camera in August 2010.