Washington Wolf Packs: Smackout

February 2013

The Smackout pack has 12 confirmed members – including a successful breeding pair – confirmed through aerial surveys.

Two adult black male wolves in this pack, which ranges throughout the Smackout Meadows area of northeastern Stevens County, were captured and radio-collared in 2012. Location data from the radio collars is being used to guide the activities of a range rider hired by WDFW to protect livestock in the area. The collars are also used to trigger the wolf-scaring sounds and lights of Radio-Activated Guard (RAG) boxes stationed near livestock grazing areas.

Four black pups were observed in this pack during the summer of 2012. 


In June of 2011, a livestock producer reported seeing black wolf pups and hearing howling while working on his Forest Service grazing allotment in the Smackout Meadows area of northeastern Stevens County.  This pack was confirmed when a black female pup was captured and ear-tagged. During continued capture efforts, two adults and three pups were confirmed. Tracks of all five wolves were observed during year-end surveys confirming the pack as a successful breeding pair for 2011.



WDFW biologists recently recovered this video of two wolf pups from the Smackout Pack in northeast Washington from a remote, motion-triggered camera used to monitor wolf activity.


Smackout Pack gray wolf captured by WDFW motion-triggered camera in June 2011.