Draft and Final EIS Development Timeline

Development Timeline for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Draft and Final EIS for the Wolf Conservation and Management Plan

Oct 2006: WDFW seeks nominees for citizen advisory group
Jan 2007: Wolf Working Group (WWG) members appointed
Feb-July 2007: Three WWG & WDFW meetings to discuss issues and consider plan alternatives
Aug 2007: Seven public scoping meetings around the state
Sept. 2007-May 2008: Five WWG & WDFW meetings to consider plan alternatives and develop recommendations
May-Aug 2008: WDFW incorporates WWG final recommendations and develops draft of plan for peer review
Aug-Oct 2008: Broad peer review of preliminary draft plan
Late 2008–Sept 2009: WDFW addresses peer review comments and develops draft plan
Sept 2009: WWG & WDFW meeting to discuss changes to draft plan resulting from peer and WDFW review
Sept – Oct 2009: WDFW addresses Wolf Working Group comments and develops Draft EIS and preferred alternative plan for public review
Oct 2009-Jan 2010: Public review of the Draft EIS and preferred alternative plan
Oct-Nov 2009: WDFW holds 12 public meetings around the state to take comments on the draft EIS and preferred alternative plan
Oct 2009-Feb 2010: Blind peer review of the preferred alternative plan conducted through the University of Washington

March-Oct 2010:

Preliminary WDFW analysis of public and peer review comments

Nov 2010-May 2011:

WDFW incorporates comments from the public review, blind peer review, and agency review into a revised preferred alternative for the Wolf Working Groupís review.

June 8-9, 2011:

WDFW meets with the Wolf Working Group to review public and peer review comments and any changes to the Draft EIS and preferred alternative plan

June-July 2011:

WDFW prepares Final EIS and plan

August  2011:

Final EIS and Recommended plan presented to Washington Fish & Wildlife Commission for consideration

Oct-Dec 2011:

Commission review and decision