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Online Comments on DEIS: Wolf Conservation and Management Plan for Washington

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Comments on Wolves and Scavengers (Chapter 6.B):

Wolves are Scavengers

Rick ,  Centralia WA

A clear benefit to the scavengers.

Sean V Owen,  Seattle WA

I strongly oppose any plans to introduce wolves anywhere in Washington. Yes, I know they are already here. They will spread on on their own and will do great damage to wildlife eventually, and this should not be aided by the department.

Gregory R Field,  Seattle WA

Manipulated information that is misleading, a sales pitch for wolves.

dale denney,  colville WA

See above, without wolf leavings we don't have scavengers (vultures, beetles, etc.) which are also an integral part of an ecosystem.


yeah the buzzards like them

Duane Bernard,  Rainier OR

Why does the WDFW manage turkeys here? They are not native and they do not belong here - Turkeys are damaging the ecology of the area by competing with grouse, quail, ground nesting birds, snakes etc. I hope the wolves wipe them out.

Jennifer Molesworth,  Twisp WA

All scavanger species will benefit from the return of wolves in the community/system, including condors which should also be considered for reintroduction in the state.

David Moen,  Oregon City OR



With the coyote packs and now the wolf packs without proper management and money you will diminish many other wild species rabbits, deer, elk, bob cat, ect., and all will be impacted by poor management. Be up for the task!!!

Tom Freeman,  Tonasket WA

Wolves have been proven to kill coyotes which may or may not have a more negative impact on cattle and sheep than wolves are believed to have.

Ryan Alexander Sparks,  Pullman WA


Lois Neuman,  Vancouver WA

Open hunting seasons.

Larry Zalaznik,  Walla Walla WA