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Online Comments on DEIS: Wolf Conservation and Management Plan for Washington

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Comments on 11. Wolf research in Washington (Chapter 12.B.11):


Sean V Owen,  Seattle WA

Wolves have been studied all over the world and although there is probably information to be learned, don't be redundant in research just for the sake of hiring someone.


I strongly oppose any plans to introduce wolves anywhere in Washington. Yes, I know they are already here. They will spread on on their own and will do great damage to wildlife eventually, and this should not be aided by the department.

Gregory R Field,  Seattle WA

An experienced wolf biologist needs to be hirted and the whole plan re-evaluated.

dale denney,  colville WA

Don't bother

Duane Bernard,  Rainier OR

Waste of money that the state does not have. Spend it on needs of the public such as education health care and public services.

Wayne Vinyard,  Glenwood WA

The decision-makers and State biologists need to listen to biologists here in the Midwest who have a long history of research and experience with wolves.

James R Salkas,  Oak Lawn IL

This should have a high priority and recieve full funding as wolf populations spread.

David Moen,  Oregon City OR



Continue and fund.

Ryan Alexander Sparks,  Pullman WA

It would be a boon to Washington State to see us become the prime place for wolf research.

Kristi Hendrickson,  Seattle WA


Lois Neuman,  Vancouver WA

Needs to continue


No Native wolves in Washington to Research!

Larry Hill,  Brush Prairie WA

why asre we spending tax dollars on a specy that disrtoys our game animals. they do not kill for survival they kill for the killing.

john casebeer,  mount vernon WA

A more ecological compound than 1080?

Larry Zalaznik,  Walla Walla WA

Science is good as we do not have the Bush folks anymore

Thomas F McLaughlin,  Spokane WA