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Public Comments on Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)
Online Comments on DEIS: Wolf Conservation and Management Plan for Washington

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Comments on Other Potential Economic Impacts (Chapter 14.F):

No comment.

Sean V Owen,  Seattle WA

You'll be putting a lot of people out of work. Starting with the game department. When hunters take their hunting money to other wolf free states, the game department will go broke. Next will be the small business that are directly related to hunting, like guides, outfitters, resorts, gas stations, restaurants etc.

Ty Brown,  Naches WA

If loosing hunting dollars is what you are trying to achieve you will reach your goal.

Thomas E Ring,  Spokane WA

Reintroduction will be a disaster for tourism. They are just to smart and will track individuals moving through the woods and put people in danger.

Rich James,  Port Angeles WA

Impacts are totally under rated. Will be little at first but ever increasing as wolves rapidly invade and spread across the state. Impacts to land use, land values, livestock and etc will be hidden from the public just as with the Norther Spotted Owl. Another big economic blow to the Rural communities while the Wolf promoters make excuses and blame other causes.

Wayne Vinyard,  Glenwood WA

No hunting, high depradation costs, poor land use and care should tell the story. No economic usefullness for the wolf. No more wolfs.

John Eaton,  Ellensburg WA

wolves equal less money

scott fowler,  burlington WA

Please think about the economic impact on livestock producers,the private land owner,the hunters and the money these people bring into our economy of this state.

bruce oergel,  ellensburg WA



Severe economic losses to the state because of decreased hunting license and tag sales

Jay Arment,  Spokane WA

Loss of out-of-state and in-state hunting license sales, gas, food and lodging needs to be considered.

Michael Korenko,  Carson WA

You are not showing any economic losses due to future decreased hunter opportunities. You in certain areas emphasized the postive impacts the negative impacts far outweigh the few if any positive



Lois Neuman,  Vancouver WA

Too low. Each moose is worth $30,000, bull elk $6,000. Use the raffle proceeds to estimate what each big game animal is worth.

Darcy Mitchem,  Toutle Wa WA

Wolves will wipe out the rural economy.

Larry Zalaznik,  Walla Walla WA