For more information on habitat issues, please contact the
WDFW Habitat Program.
Phone: 360-902-2534

For more information on WDFW managed lands including wildlife areas, please contact the
WDFW Wildlife Program.
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Photo of shorline stabilization work Commission adopts updated rules for construction projects near water
The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission has adopted a comprehensive update to the state's Hydraulic Code rules, which regulate construction projects and other work in or near state waters to protect fish life. Learn more >>

HPA Rulemaking Website

Photo of Puget Sound shorline Public comment sought on plan to restore Puget Sound shoreline
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Army Corps) and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) are seeking public comments on a tentative proposal for restoring more than 5,000 acres of Puget Sound shoreline habitat. Learn more >>

Photo of a poorly designed culvert.

The ability of salmon and steelhead to swim upstream to their traditional spawning grounds is vital to their recovery across Washington. But deteriorating culverts, outdated bridges and other barriers are blocking fish passage in many streams and undermining the state’s recovery efforts. Learn more >>

2013 Water Crossing Design Guidelines
Fish Passage Barrier and Surface Water Diversion Screening Assessment and Prioritization Manual

Photo of Enforcement Officer with a Golden Eagle perched on his arm.

Washington’s diverse fish and wildlife species—from magnificent orca whales and elk to the myriad inhabitants of our beaches, wetlands, mountains and meadows—are a fundamental part of our state’s natural heritage. They have been here for eons, but their future is anything but assured. Learn more >>

Photo of a Brown Pelican perched on a pole.
John & Karen Hollingsworth /
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
The Priority Habitats and Species (PHS) List is WDFW's primary catalog of species and habitats of conservation and management concern. For nearly two decades, PHS information has been a primary resource used in the conservation and protection of Washington's diverse fish and wildlife resources by landowners, cities, counties, and state and federal agencies. The PHS List has just undergone an extensive and thorough update and a new version is now available online. We encourage all users of our PHS resources to immediately replace old copies of the PHS List.

PHS on the Web Interactive Mapping NEW!
Priority Habitats and Species (PHS) List
PHS Management Recommendations
Requesting PHS Maps and Digital Data

Picture of a wind turbine Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Renewable Energy Program provides energy development technical assistance to project owners throughout Washington. Staff engage in project planning, mitigation and settlement negotiations and project permit and license implementation throughout Washington on existing and proposed energy projects (hydroelectric, wind, wave, tidal, natural gas, and nuclear). Learn more >>

Photo of Yellow Pond Lily on Oxbow Lake

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), and other government agencies worked with the Governor's Office of Regulatory Assistance to streamline the aquatic project permitting process. The new process is now available and is intended to save applicants time and money.   Learn More >>

Hydraulic Project Approval (HPA)



State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Lead Agency Reviews
Brown pelican PHS on the Web
An interactive map of WDFW priority habitats and species information for project review.
SalmonScape SalmonScape
Interactive mapping application includes salmon distribution, status, and habitats
Fish Passage Technical Assistance
Habitat Biologists Geographic Coverage Areas
Wildlife Areas & Water Access Sites
Mineral Prospecting and Placer Mining Regulations
Wildlife Area Management Plans
Wind Power Guidelines
Aquatic Habitat Guidelines: An Integrated Approach to Marine, Freshwater, and Riparian Habitat Protection and Restoration
Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary Program Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary Program
Projects, plans & more...
WDFW Habitat Program Overview
Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Project
Fish and Wildlife Planner Newsletter
Diving in Marine Habitats
Recreational Activities May Harm Salmon and Steelhead Spawning Beds