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Fish Passage Barrier Map

WDFW maintains a centralized database of fish passage, diversion screening, fish use, and habitat information from inventory efforts conducted throughout Washington State. WDFW’s Fish Passage and Diversion Screening Inventory (FPDSI) database is a main data source for planning fish passage projects.

The map below shows human-made barriers where a fish passage barrier inventory has been conducted. The GIS data is also available to download at:

Want to view this map on your smart phone or tablet?
  1. Go to your smartphone’s app store and search for “ArcGIS” by ESRI.  Install ArcGIS app.
  2. Open your internet browser and go to to set up an ESRI account. Click “Create a Public Account” and follow instructions. 
  3. Now open the ArcGIS app. From the introductory screen, click the magnifying glass and search for “fish passage inventory.”
  4. From the search results, open the “Washington State Fish Passage Inventory” Map. Add it to your favorites for quick access.

Update barrier information
You can also update barrier information through this interactive map. Just click on a road crossing feature, scroll to the bottom of the feature’s information, and click “more info.” This opens the Barrier Correction Form where you can provide WDFW with updated information. Data corrections will be site verified by WDFW before the change is reflected on the map. At this time, new barriers cannot be added to the map through this format. 

Your input helps us tell the statewide fish passage story and is appreciated.

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