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Natural Resource Damage Assessment

Under state and federal law, individuals or companies who spill oil are liable for all natural resource injuries that result from the oil spill and related response efforts. The overall goal of the NRDA and restoration process is to return natural resources to their pre-spill condition and to compensate the public for natural resources lost during the spill and recovery period. The NRDA process determines the extent of the injuries, the best methods for restoring those resources, and the type and amount of restoration required.

The NRDA process involves:

  • Data collection during and after a spill
  • Injury quantification either through specific studies or by using the Oil Spill Compensation Schedule
  • Identify potential fish and wildlife restoration projects in the areas impacted by spills
  • Manage the restoration funds and oversee the implementation of restoration work

The OST represents state fish and wildlife interests on both the State Resource Damage Assessment and the State Coastal Protection Fund Steering committees. In addition, the OST also represents WDFW interests on several case-specific trustee councils. Over the past fifteen years, several million dollars have been deposited into the Coastal Protection Fund and other case-specific settlement funds such as Texaco, Tenyo Maru and Whatcom Creek for fish and wildlife restoration projects. This money has been used to fund a variety of excellent restoration projects and for the acquisition of critical fish and wildlife habitats.

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