For more information on habitat issues, please contact the
WDFW Habitat Program.
Phone: 360-902-2534

For more information on WDFW managed lands including wildlife areas, please contact the
WDFW Wildlife Program.
Phone: 360-902-2515


To report an oil spill call:


Natural Resource Protection

Spill response:
Larger or more complex oil spills are managed using the federal Incident Command System (ICS) model, and OST members provide services within this system. Team members help plan, manage and monitor spill response activities. They identify natural resources at risk and help to identify and prioritize resource protection strategies and cleanup methods. For small spills, the OST provides information and recommendations to assist Ecology in managing on-site response activities.

Planning/Preparedness Activities:
Outside of oil spills, the OST engages the following natural resource protection tasks:

  • Representing fish and wildlife interests on the Response Technology and Geographic Response Planning Work Groups of the NW Area Committee.
  • Helping to develop and maintain Geographic Response Plans and other response strategies for marine and freshwater environments.
  • Developing and maintaining a Geographic Information System (GIS) database of sensitive fish and wildlife resources for use during spills and drills.
  • Participating in oil spill drills.

Please contact us for more information.

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