For more information on habitat issues, please contact the
WDFW Habitat Program.
Phone: 360-902-2534

For more information on WDFW managed lands including wildlife areas, please contact the
WDFW Wildlife Program.
Phone: 360-902-2515


AHG Steering Committee

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Michelle Cramer, Habitat Engineering Technical Assistance, Olympia
  • Ken Corwin, Habitat Engineering Technical Assistance, Olympia

Washington Department of Ecology

  • Tom Clingman, Policy and Legislative Lead, Ecology Shorelands & Environmental Assistance Program, Olympia
  • Jeremy Sikes, Shorelands and Environmental Assistance Program, Olympia
United States Army Corps of Engineers

United States Fish and Wildlife Service

  • Brian Peck, Private Lands Program, Spokane
Washington State Department of Natural Resources
  • Hugo Flores, DNR Aquatics, Olympia

Washington Department of Transportation

  • Tim Hilliard, WSDOT Environmental Services, Hydrology Program, Olympia

Recreation and Conservation Office

  • Lloyd Moody, Governor’s Salmon Recovery Office, Recreation & Conservation Office, Olympia
  • Kay Caromile, SRFB Grant Manager, RCO/Salmon Recovery Funding Board, Olympia