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George Wilhere,
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Habitat Program
(360) 902-2369
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For more information on habitat issues, please contact the
WDFW Habitat Program.
Phone: 360-902-2534

For more information on WDFW managed lands including wildlife areas, please contact the
WDFW Wildlife Program.
Phone: 360-902-2515


Lewis County

The Lewis County assessment was completed in 2009, as part of a subarea planning process for the south county area.  WDFW collaborated with Washington Department of Ecology on the project.  Habitat studies included both County and Watershed LHAs, as well as Subarea LHA investigations based on the needs of representative species.  Links to the Subarea LHA webpage and to the final WDFW Lewis County Habitat Assessment Report can be found below.

Local Habitat Assessment

Lewis County
Lewis County LHA
VIEW: Lewis County LHA



Local Habitat Assessment

South Lewis County Watershed
South Lewis County Watershed LHA
VIEW: South Lewis County Watershed LHA

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