Found Injured Wildlife?

Contact a local
Wildlife Rehabilitator

For more information contact a WDFW Regional Office


Reporting Dead Birds

Call 1-800-606-8768 if you find:
   • Five or more sick or dead birds
   • Birds that may have been poisoned or     poached
Report dead corvid birds (crow, raven, jay, magpie) for West Nile Virus surveillance to Dept. of Health.
View pictures of bird species commonly affected by West Nile Virus.
West Nile Virus, Fish and Wildlife.

Avian Influenza

White Nose Syndrome

Chronic Wasting Disease


Eartagged Game

Elk Hoof Disease

Environmental Health Concerns

Game Meat Safety

Papillomas (Warts)


Tapeworm (Echinococcus  granulosus)

Ulcerative Shell Disease

West Nile Virus

Wildlife Rehabilitation