For more information on the Priority Habitats and Species program, please contact the WDFW Habitat Program.
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PHS on the Web
PHS on the Web is a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife web-based, interactive map for citizens, landowners, governments, developers, conservation groups, and interested parties to find basic information about the known location of Priority Habitats and Species (PHS) in Washington State. PHS is a source of best available science that can inform local planning activities, development projects, conservation strategies, incentive programs, and numerous other land use applications. Learn more >>

Species and Habitat Management Recommendations

Landscape Planning:

Management Recommendations For Washington's Priority Species:

Management Recommendations For Washington's Priority Habitats:

Other PHS Documents:

Species and habitat recommendations currently in development:

  • Riparian Habitat (Update)

Other Documents Concerning Priority Habitats and Species:

  • Aquatic Habitat Guidelines
    A series of guidelines documents to facilitate the consistant application of good science and practice for resources and habitat management, project design, construction, and operation in, near, or affecting aquatic systems.
  • Bald Eagle Protection in Washington State
    This document provides general information for landowners about requirements and procedures related to Bald Eagle Management Plans and habitat protection in Washington State.
  • Best Available Science for Freshwater wetlands
    A joint Department of Ecology and Department of Fish and Wildlife project, with funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Woodland Fish and Wildlife Project Publications
    Publications in this series provide practical information on fish and wildlife management to private woodland owners and managers.