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Temperate Pacific Intertidal Flat

Coastal flats are found along the north Pacific Coast from Kodiak Island and Cook Inlet, Alaska, south to central California. Tidal flats form a narrow band along oceanic inlets and are more extensive at the mouths of larger rivers. Algae are the dominant vegetation on mud or gravel flats where little vascular vegetation is present due to the daily (in some cases twice daily) tidal flooding of salt or brackish water. Characteristic species include Vaucheria longicaulis and Enteromorpha spp. Vascular species are sparse, if present, and may include salt-tolerant species such as Eleocharis palustris, Salicornia spp., Plantago maritima, Glaux maritima, and other plants common to lower salt marshes; cover is less than 10%. The dominant processes are tectonic uplift or subsidence, isostatic rebound, and sediment deposition.

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