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Sampling Locations

Rockfish Sampling Locations

Sinclair Inlet Sinclair Inlet Elliott Bay Elliott Bay Commencement Bay Commencement Bay

Baseline Stations
Baseline monitoring of rockfish occurs biannually, at fixed sites located in areas of known contamination. Samples are collected during the Groundfish Survey at the Elliott Bay, Commencement Bay and Sinclair Inlet stations.

Focus Stations
Focus studies have been carried out in Elliott Bay, Commencement Bay and Sinclair Inlet to further characterize the areal extent of contamination and associated biological effects. Stations were distributed so as to expand spatial coverage around the baseline stations. Click the preceding station names for detailed maps of the Focus Study sites.

Historic Stations
Historic stations were sampled at varying frequencies from 1989-1997 but have not been sampled since. Five stations (San Juan Islands, Double Bluff, Blakely Rocks, Hood Canal, and Day Island) were selected to provide a wide geographic coverage in Puget Sound.

Reference Stations
Two stations sampled in 1997, Foulweather Bluff (non-urban) and Mukilteo (near-urban) were selected as reference sites for Focus, Baseline, and Historic stations. (See the English sole sampling location page for definitions of near-urban and non-urban).