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Marine Toxic Contaminants

Sampling Locations

Pacific Salmon Sampling Locations

Baseline Stations
Chinook and coho salmon are sampled at 5 fixed stations to measure temporal trends in contaminant exposure. Adult salmon returning to their natal streams are sampled from terminal "in-river" fisheries for the Nooksack, Skagit, Duwamish, Nisqually and Deschutes rivers.

Focus Stations
To evaluate the effects of artificial rearing practices on the accumulation of PCBs in coho salmon, contaminant concentrations were compared for hatchery and delayed release fish as follows: fish hatched, reared and released directly from the Wallace River Hatchery versus delayed release fish that were hatched and reared at Wallace River Hatchery, then held for a period in the South Sound and Agate Pass net pens prior to release. Returning fish were collected from the South Sound and Agate Pass mixed stock fisheries (tagged fish) and from the Wallace River hatchery.

Historic Stations
Historically, we sampled chinook and coho salmon from mixed stock fisheries in Central and Southern Puget Sound. Monitoring on mixed stocks was discontinued because the origins of the fish were unknown. We now monitor terminal "in-river" fisheries where the fish origins are known (see Baseline above).