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Lead Scientist: Scott Pearson

Ecoregions: Puget Trough, Northwest Coast

Ecological Systems: North Pacific Coastal Cliffs and Bluffs


Photo by Peter Hodum

Northern Washington Coast


Photo by Peter Hodum

Common murres landing on the Tatoosh colony


Seabird Ecology

Catalog of Washington’s Seabird Colonies

Project Description

Starting in the spring of 2010, WDFW scientists, biologists and database managers and designers are starting an ongoing process of updating the “Catalog of Washington Seabird Colonies” that was published by Steven Speich and Terrence Wahl in 1989. The initial phase of this project will involve creating a spatial database of the information contained in the original catalog. The second phase is to enter data collected on Washington’s seabird colonies since the catalog’s publication. The final phase is to update our colony information by conducting additional surveys and entering this new information in the database. WDFW received funding from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Office of Migratory Birds for phases one and two.