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Mara S. Zimmerman, Ph.D., Research Scientist


Research Focus
-Salmonid population estimation and monitoring

-Salmon and Steelhead diversity

-Environmental conditions and salmonid populations

-Measuring response of Salmonid population to habitat restoration.

B.S., University of Oregon

Contact information:

Clayton Kinsel
Fisheries Biologist

I began working at WDFW in 2004 as a scientific technician working on spawning ground surveys and operating juvenile salmon traps. Currently Iím a fisheries biologist for the Wild Salmonid Production Evaluation Unit based out of Olympia, Washington. I supervise salmon monitoring studies on the Skagit River and on Big Beef, Seabeck, Stavis and Little Anderson Creeks which form the Hood Canal Intensively Monitored Watershed (IMW) project. I received a B.S. degree in environmental science from the University of Oregon and have worked assessing salmon habitat and monitoring adult and juvenile salmon populations from the Rogue River in Oregon to the Skagit River in Washington. I study salmon population trends, survival and life history diversity.

Current Research

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