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Scott F. Pearson, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist and Westside Research Team Leader


Research Focus
- Salmon Ecology
- Juvenile Salmon Life History Diversity
- PIT tag studies to estimate salmon   production and survival
- Juvenile salmon migration timing predictors

B.S. Biology, Seattle Pacific University

Contact Information

Kelly Kiyohara
Fish and Wildlife Biologist

Kelly’s love for field biology began in college at Seattle Pacific University’s Blakely Island Field Station where Kelly took numerous classes and spent many hours “playing” for college credit. She was able to continue “playing” for work in various field-related positions from monitoring Puget Sound Commercial Salmon Fisheries and enforcing catch reporting policies for WDFW to operating juvenile salmon traps and PIT tagging for ODFW.  Since 2005 she has been a part of the Wild Salmon Production and Evaluation unit where she has been able to continue to pursue her love of field biology while supervising three juvenile salmon traps in the Lake Washington basin in greater Seattle area. Kelly hopes to continue to expand her knowledge of salmon life history diversity and ecology.

Current Research

Selected Publications

  • Lake Washington Sockeye Smolt Collection Annual Reports
  • Evaluation of Juvenile Salmon Production from the Cedar River and Bear Creek:
  • Evaluation of Downstream Migrant Salmon Production from the Cedar River and Bear Creek: