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Kenneth B. Pierce, Ph.D., Spatial Analytics Section Lead


Research Focus
- Land-use/land-cover change
- Habitat fragmentation
- Spatial accuracy assessment and
- Ecological information systems

Ph.D. Landscape Ecology,
2002, Duke University

B.S. Biology, Minor in Global Sustainability
1997, University of California Irvine

Kenneth B. Pierce, Ph.D.
Spatial Analytics Section Lead

Dr. Pierce has 14 years of experience conducting spatial analyses in terrestrial and aquatic systems.  His experience includes high resolution change detection, analysis of land-use trends, spatial analysis of stream networks and mapping topographic radiation loads. As a postdoc for the USFS PNW Research Station he mapped vegetation and wildland fuels data in large portions of Eastern Washington, coastal Oregon and the central Sierra Nevada in California. He is also experienced with spatial accuracy assessment, data sufficiency, multivariate statistics and variability assessments of data informing ecosystem responses from perturbations at large spatial extents.  He routinely uses modern statistical languages and remote sensing imagery to characterize landscape features and to detect trends through time.  He is an expert in GIS and has worked in the science division of the Habitat Program of WDFW since December 2007. Since joining WDFW Ken has been involved with numerous projects within the science division including analyzing long term trends and spatial trends in forage fish data, automating data analysis for the Intensively Monitored Watershed project, acting as “Land-Use Land-Cover Champion” for the Puget Sound Partnerships dashboard indicator and developing a currently well-funded research program around High Resolution Change Detection. His favorite color is sparkly metallic green.

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