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Alan Sarich, Coastal Harmful Algal Bloom Specialist


Research Focus
- Harmful Algal Bloom

Washington State University, B.S. Natural Resource Management

Contact information:

Alan Sarich
Coastal Harmful Algal Bloom Specialist

Alan Sarich is Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s specialist on harmful algal blooms.  He monitors the marine phytoplankton communities on Washington’s southern coast as part of the Olympic Region Harmful Algal Bloom (ORHAB) collaboration.  He has also been tasked with monitoring and tracking oyster larvae in Willapa Bay during the reproductive season.

Alan grew up in the not-quite-tropical-paradise of Valdez, Alaska where he became an expert in the field of snow.  He then moved on to the bustling mega-metropolis of Pullman, Washington and left with an actual degree from Washington State University.  He has since held fish and wildlife jobs such as port sampler, stream walker, and smolt trapper before getting enticed into his current position as master of the microscope.

Current Research