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Tyson, Julie, B.S., Ecological Research Analyst


Research Focus

  • Headwater stream ecology
  • Amphibian ecology

B.S., Zoology with a minor in Wildlife Biology, Washington State University

Julie Tyson
Ecological Research Analyst

Julie Tyson joined Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) in 2004 as a seasonal Scientific Technician working on various projects in wildlife, fish and habitat. In 2006, she took over as the permanent Project Coordinator for the Buffer Integrity – Shade Effectiveness study. Since joining the Amphibian Research Group, she has also participated in other research projects including work with the Oregon Spotted Frog, salinity monitoring at the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge and a pilot Citizen Science project. She has been on the board of the Native Plant Salvage Foundation since 2006 and obtained her Master Habitat Restorer Certification in 2005. Before joining WDFW, she held various positions working at state parks, veterinary clinics, and an internship at Northwest Trek. She has volunteered with Eyes in the Woods, WSU Bear Research Center and on various projects within WDFW including Western Pond Turtle, Harbor Seal Captures, in the Fish Health lab and at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery.  Julie received her BS degree in Zoology with a minor in Wildlife Biology from Washington State University in 1993.

Current Research

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