SalmonScape is an interactive mapping application designed to display and report a wide range of data related to salmon distribution, status, and habitats. The data sources used by Salmonscape include stream specific fish and habitat data, and information about stock status and recovery evaluations

Status and potential exposure of ESA-listed Columbia
River salmonids to California sea lion predation

Columbia River salmonids
Potentially impacted by
CA sea lions (Jan 1 - June 30)
Mainstem &
Upper Willamette R. Chinook T X  
Upper Willamette R. Steelhead T X  
Columbia R. Chum T    
Lower Columbia R. Coho T    
Lower Columbia R. Chinook T X X
Lower Columbia R. Steelhead T X X
Mid-Columbia R. Steelhead T X X
Upper Columbia R. Spring Chinook E X X
Upper Columbia R. Steelhead T    
Snake R. Spring/Summer Chinook T X X
Snake R. Steelhead T X X
Snake R. Fall Chinook T    
Snake R. Sockeye E