Donate to the Karelian Bear Dog Program

The KBD Program is 100% supported by private donations.

The public may donate to the Karelian Bear Dog Program, by sending check or money order to:

16018 Mill Creek Blvd
Mill Creek WA 98012

State of Washington employees may donate through the Combined Fund Drive.

Karelian Bear Dog Program


Meet the Karelian Bear Dogs


Colter born November 12, 2008, is in the prime of his career. He and his handler Officer Nicholas Jorg are an inseparable team that loves to work together. Colter has captured and released many bear and mountain lions for both research projects and to resolve conflicts with humans. He has also helped out on multiple poaching cases, often locating evidence necessary to bring criminals to justice. Through these actions Colter has prevented the unnecessary deaths of many of our state’s most impressive and misunderstood animals while helping people live with them.

Karelian bear dog in the snow looking up in tree Karelian Bear dog licking the snow off his face
Karelian Bear dog and officers hard releasing a black bear from a culvert trap

Below you see Colter helping to resolve a conflict between humans and a female mountain lion through non-lethal means.

Group of people and Karelian bear dog standing over an immobilized cougar laying on a tarp. Cougar kitten lying on ferns.

Colter is constantly impressing with his athleticism, intelligence, playfulness, and gentle demeanor. He and Nicholas both look forward to the challenges ahead.

Karelian Bear dog and officer looking at bears behind a zoo type enclosure.