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The KBD Program is 100% supported by private donations.

The public may donate to the Karelian Bear Dog Program, by sending check or money order to:

16018 Mill Creek Blvd
Mill Creek WA 98012

State of Washington employees may donate through the Combined Fund Drive.

Karelian Bear Dog Program


Meet the Karelian Bear Dogs

Karelian Bear dog smiling for the camera with tongue hanging out.
Karelian Bear dog as a puppy.


KBD Spencer was born on November 8, 2011, in Florence, Montana at the Wind River Bear Institute.  KBD Spencer was the last puppy born out of a litter of eight and one of only four puppies in the litter to become a conflict KBD.  KBD Spencer works mainly in Pierce County; however, he has worked all across Washington State.  KBD Spencer’s partner and handler is Officer Dustin Prater.

KBD Spencer is named in honor of Rocky Spencer, a Cougar and Bear Specialist with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife who was the first to initiate the use of KBD’s in Washington State by partnering with KBD Mishka in 2003.

KBD Spencer specializes in locating dangerous and problem bears and cougars to ensure the safety of the public and the animals he finds.  KBD Spencer has been responsible for capturing several wayward bears in Lakewood and downtown Tacoma, just to name a few of his bear captures.

KBD Spencer also assists WDFW officers with “hard releases” of bear and cougars and locating poached wildlife that has led to the arrest of several poachers. KBD Spencer also works with Officer Prater at schools, fairs, and other public events to educate Washington citizens about dangerous and problem wildlife along with educating people about Karelian Bear Dogs.

KBD Spencer is a confident KBD that works hard, is playful and loves people. Mostly, KBD Spencer is a spirited KBD that loves his job and does it well. 


Karelian Bear dog standing with head out the window of a truck.

Two Karelian Bear dogs and officers with immobilized cougar on tarp.

Karelian Bear dog sitting in a boat. Karelian Bear dog with officer kneeling doen next in panoramic photo.