Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Puget Sound Commercial
Fisheries Hotline
Message # 1 - Updated - July 27, 2009

Puget Sound Commercial Fisheries Hotline Message Number 1
Recorded Monday, July 27, 2009 at 12:00 PM

The 2009 Puget Sound Commercial Salmon Regulation pamphlet was mailed the week of July 12th.  If you have not received a copy please contact (360) 902-2700 and ask for a copy or check our web site where one may be downloaded athttp://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/commercial/salmon/

Fishers are reminded that a Fish Friendly certification card will be required to participate in any Area 7 or 7A commercial salmon fisheries.  Contact Jeromy Jording at (360) 902-2717 if you need to attend a workshop to get a card. A schedule of Fish Friendly workshops is also available at the previously listed web address.

Area 7 and 7A sockeye fisheries are not posted on this hotline so you need to check the National Marine Fisheries Hotline.  The number has been changed to 1-(800)-662-9825.

In addition to Fish Friendly cards, please be aware of specific gear requirements during Area 7 and 7A sockeye openings:

  • Gillnets require “Seabird Strips” to participate.
  • Purse Seines are required to brail and have an operational recovery box aboard to participate.
  • Reef nets are required to have Puget Sound Reef Net Logbooks aboard to retain any marked Chinook.

For 2009 any fishers wishing to have their name entered in any of the lottery fishery drawings must have their entry forms in to the Department by August 1st.  The form is located on the last page of the 2009 pamphlet.  You may mail them to the address located on the form or fax them to 360-902-2949.

If you suspect an error in this message or have questions please contact Jeromy Jording at (360) 902-2717 or if you need to attend a workshop to get a card. Thank you for calling the WDFW hotline for Puget Sound commercial fishing information.

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