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Commercial Urchin Regulations

Last Updated: August 14, 2017

Sea Urchin Regulations

The 2016-17 commercial sea urchin fishery is now closed. The 2017-18 quotas will become available on September 1st.

Season Recommendations

E-mail your recommendations for the 2017-18 sea urchin regulations to before August 25th.

Harvest Quotas and Landings

Non-Indian sea urchin quota shares and preliminary landings for the 2017-2018 season:

Sea Urchin
Harvest Area
State Share (pounds)
Landings (pounds)
Green Urchins
District 1 (San Juan Island Area) 175,000
District 2 (Admiralty Area) 25,000
District 3 & 4 (Strait Area, excluding Neah Bay) 50,000
District 5 (Neah Bay Area) closed
Districts 6 & 7 (South/Central Puget Sound Area) 25,000
Red Urchins
District 1 (San Juan Island Area) 174,271
District 2 (Admiralty Area) 13,000
District 3 (Port Angeles Area) 54,000
District 4 (Sekiu Area) 35,000
District 5 (Neah Bay Area) closed

Washington State Commercial Sea Urchin Harvest Districts
Closed areas pertain to the commercial sea urchin fishery. In addition, see permanent WACs 220-302 and 220-303 for more information on Marine Preserves and Conservation Area closures. Legal descriptions of commercial sea urchin harvest districts are found in WAC 220-340-750 Sea Urchins. Legal descriptions of commercial sea urchin catch reporting areas can be found in WAC 220-301-040 Marine Fish-Shellfish Management and Catch Reporting Areas within Puget Sound.

Permanent WAC's