Fishing Contests
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This information contains all current bass, walleye, trout, tiger muskie, and mixed species contests to be held in Washington State waters . Please note that this list is subject to change.

  • Columbia River* - Columbia River below Bonneville Dam

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Fishing contests over the next 30 days

Contest Date(s)SponsorSpeciesWho May Qualify
Benton County
Lake Wallula
  Jun 6 - Jun 7th, 2015 Mt St Helens Bass Masters Bass Members
  Jun 19 - Jun 20th, 2015 Richland Rod and Gun Club Catfish Members
  Jun 20 - Jun 21st, 2015 Northwest Bass Bass Members
Chelan County
Lake Chelan
  Jun 6 - Jun 7th, 2015 Chelan Bass Club Bass Open
Lake Entiat
  Jun 20 - Jun 21st, 2015 East Wenatchee Rotary Club Northern Pikeminnow Open
Cowlitz County
Silver Lake
  May 30 - 31st, 2015 American Bass Association - Washington Bass Members
  Jun 20 - Jun 21st, 2015 Washington Bass Association Bass Members
Franklin County
All Legally Open Waters
  Jun 19 - Jun 20th, 2015 Richland Rod and Gun Club Catfish Members
Lake Herbert G. West
  May 1 - Jun 14th, 2015 Lyons Ferry Marina Catfish Open
Scooteney Reservoir
  Jun 6th, 2015 Ringold Chapter Pheasants Forever Walleye, Bass Members
Grant County
Banks Lake
  Jun 20th, 2015 Potholes Bass Club Bass Members
  Jun 20 - Jun 21st, 2015 Banks Lake Bass Club Bass Members
Crescent Lake
  Jun 20th, 2015 Othello Bass Club Bass Members
Moses Lake
  May 31st, 2015 Al Bakker Memorial Tournament All Legal Species Members
  Jun 6 - Jun 7th, 2015 Cascade Marina Walleye Classic Walleye Open
Potholes Reservoir
  Jun 6 - Jun 7th, 2015 Inland Empire Bass Club Bass Members
  Jun 6 - Jun 7th, 2015 Northend Bass Club Bass Members
  Jun 13th, 2015 Central Washington Bass Club Bass Members
  Jun 13 - Jun 14th, 2015 Limit Out Marine Bass Open
King County
Lake Sammamish
  May 30 - 31st, 2015 Castmasters Bass Club Bass Members
  Jun 6 - Jun 7th, 2015 Northwest Bassmasters Bass Members
Lake Washington
  Jun 13th, 2015 Puget Sound Anglers Trout Open
Shady Lake
  Jun 6th, 2015 Shady Lake Community Council Trout Members
Kittitas County
Easton Ponds
  Jun 6th, 2015 Easton Memorial Day Committee Trout Open
Lewis County
Mayfield Lake
  Jun 13th, 2015 NW Tiger Pac Tiger Muskie Members
Riffe Lake
  Jun 13 - Jun 14th, 2015 Capital City Bass Club Bass Members
  Jun 14th, 2015 Long Lake Bass Club Bass Members
Mason County
All Legally Open Lakes
  Apr 26 - Sep 29th, 2015 Verles Bass, Trout Open
Mason Lake
  Jun 20 - Jun 21st, 2015 Coastal Bassmasters Bass Members
Trails End Lake
  Jun 6th, 2015 Trails End Community Club Trout Open
Pend Oreille County
Box Canyon Reservoir
  Jun 20 - Jun 21st, 2015 Inland Empire Bass Club Bass Members
Browns Lake
  Jun 13th, 2015 Spokane Fly Fishers Trout Members
Pierce County
Lake Louise
  Jun 6th, 2015 Lake Louise Improvement Club Trout Members
Tanwax Lake
  Jun 20th, 2015 Rainbow RV Resort Trout Open
Snohomish County
Skykomish River
  Jun 6th, 2015 Steelhead Trout Club of Washington Hatchery Steelhead Members
Spokane County
Long Lake
  Jun 6 - Jun 7th, 2015 Puyallup Hawg Hunters Bass Members
Williams Lake
  May 28th, 2015 WSP District 4 Trout Members
Stevens County
Lake Roosevelt
  Jun 20 - Jun 21st, 2015 Lake Roosevelt Walleye Club Walleye Open
Thurston County
Alder Lake
  Jun 6 - Jun 7th, 2015 Lakewood Master Bassers Bass Members
Offut Lake
  Jun 7th, 2015 Annual Girls Only Fishing Derby Trout Open, Women only
Whatcom County
Lake Whatcom
  Jun 6 - Jun 7th, 2015 Borderline Bassin Contenders Bass Members
Yakima County
Clear Lake
  Jun 6th, 2015 NVHS Football Booster Club Trout Open