Fishing Contests
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This information contains all current bass, walleye, trout, tiger muskie, and mixed species contests to be held in Washington State waters . Please note that this list is subject to change.

  • Columbia River* - Columbia River below Bonneville Dam

Other Information

Fishing contests over the next 30 days

Contest Date(s)SponsorSpeciesWho May Qualify
Benton County
Lake Wallula
  Jul 11th, 2015 Othello Bass Club Bass Members
  Jul 11 - Jul 12th, 2015 Northend Bass Club Bass Members
Clark County
Columbia River and tributaries
  Jul 31 - Aug 2nd, 2015 CCA Washington (Lower Columbia Chapter) Hatchery Steelhead Members
Cowlitz County
Cowlitz River
  Jul 25th, 2015 Riverview Foodmart & Sporting Goods Hatchery Steelhead Open
Grant County
Banks Lake
  Jul 12th, 2015 Central Washington Bass Club Bass Members
  Jul 25 - Jul 26th, 2015 Northend Bass Club Bass Open
Potholes Reservoir
  Jul 18 - Jul 19th, 2015 American Bass Association - Washington Bass Members
  Jul 25th, 2015 Potholes Bass Club Bass Members
King County
Lake Sawyer
  Jul 4th, 2015 Lake Sawyer Community Community Club All Legal Species Members
Lake Washington
  Jul 11th, 2015 Long Lake Bass Club Bass Members
  Jul 25 - Jul 26th, 2015 Castmasters Bass Club Bass Members
Klickitat County
Lake Umatilla
  Jul 11th, 2015 Northwest Bass Bass Members
Mason County
All Legally Open Lakes
  Apr 26 - Sep 29th, 2015 Verles Bass, Trout Open
Okanogan County
Lake Pateros
  Jul 18th, 2015 Ray Stanley Memorial Bass Tournament Bass Open
Skagit County
Clear Lake
  Jul 11 - Jul 12th, 2015 Washington State Pond Jumperz Bass Open
Snohomish County
Goodwin Lake
  Jul 18 - Jul 19th, 2015 Washington Bass Association Bass Members
Stevens County
Columbia River south of the Canadian Border
  Jul 10 - Jul 12th, 2015 Northport Chamber of Commerce Trout, Walleye Open
Lake Roosevelt
  Jul 11 - Jul 12th, 2015 Inland Empire Bass Club Bass Members
  Jul 25 - Jul 26th, 2015 Spokane Walleye Club Bass Open
Loon Lake
  Jul 18 - Jul 19th, 2015 Spokane Bass Club Bass Members
Thurston County
Summit Lake
  Jul 18 - Jul 19th, 2015 Coastal Bassmasters Bass Members
Whatcom County
Lake Whatcom
  Jul 25 - Jul 26th, 2015 Borderline Bassin Contenders Bass Members