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  South Coast
Recreational Halibut
Marine Area 2, Westport
Season Total: 42,739
Primary: 40,739
Nearshore: 2,000

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- Ocean Lingcod Seasons
Marine Areas 1-3:
March 12-October 15, 2016
Lingcod minimum size limit is 22 inches, daily bag limit of two lingcod per angler.

Marine Area 4:
April 16-October 15, 2016
Lingcod minimum size limit is 22 inches, daily bag limit of two lingcod per angler

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2016 South Coast Halibut Fishery

Primary Halibut Season
Fishing Dates Halibut Caught (lbs.) Quota Remaining
May 1 14,998 25,741
May 3, 8 13,487 12,253
May 10 13,198 -945
Season Closed

Northern Nearshore Halibut Fishery
Fishing Dates Halibut Caught (lbs.) Quota Remaining*
May 2, 4 -7 294 761
May 9, 11-15 1,650 -889
May 16-21 158 -1,046
* Nearshore quota is adjusted to reflect the quota overage from the primary fishery
Season Closed


  • South Coast (Marine Area 2):Open Sunday, May 1, 2 days per week, Sunday and Tuesday for three consecutive weeks as long as there is sufficient quota.  The primary fishery is closed May 22 and 24.  If sufficient quota remains the fishery will open the following Sunday and/or Tuesday and continue until the quota is achieved, or September 30, whichever occurs first.  The northern nearshore area will be open on May 1, and continue 7-days per week until the nearshore quota is reached or September 30, whichever occurs first.
  • In all marine areas open to halibut fishing, there is a one-fish daily catch limit and no minimum size restriction. Anglers must record their catch on a WDFW catch record card.
  • Check for additional information as the season progresses under the Current Season Information and Updates page.

2016 Bottomfish Regulations 

Recreational fishing for bottomfish, except rockfish, is prohibited seaward of a boundary line approximating the 30-fm (55-m) depth contour from March 15 through June 15 except that retention of sablefish and Pacific cod is permitted seaward of the 30-fm (55-m) depth contour May 1 through June 15.  The retention of canary and yelloweye rockfish is prohibited.

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The 30 fathom depth contour is described by the coordinates below:

  • 47°31.70'N. lat., 124°37.03'W. long.
  • 47°25.67'N. lat., 124°34.79'W. long.
  • 47°12.82'N. lat., 124°29.12'W. long.
  • 46°52.94'N. lat., 124°22.58'W. long.
  • 46°44.18'N. lat., 124°18.00'W. long.
  • 46°38.17'N. lat., 124°15.88'W. long.

The retention of lingcod seaward of the 30 fathom line is allowed on days that the primary halibut season is open.

Recreational fishing for, retention or possession of lingcod is prohibited seaward of a line extending from 47°31.70'N. lat., 124°45.00'W. long. south to 46°38.17'N. lat., 124°30.00'W. long. year-round, except that lingcod may be taken, retained and possessed seaward of the line on days open during the primary halibut season.

Halibut and Bottomfish Closure Areas

It is prohibited to fish for, retain, or possess bottomfish and halibut in the South Coast Recreational YRCA and the Westport Offshore YRCA. Salmon anglers may not fish for salmon with bottomfish aboard in these areas:

South Coast YRCA

  • 46º58.00’ N, 124º48.00’W, and continuing to
  • 46º55.00’ N, 124º48.00’W, then to
  • 46º55.00’ N, 124º49.00’W, then to
  • 46º58.00’ N, 124º49.00’W, and back to the point of origin

Westport Offshore YRCA

  • 46º54.30’N, 124º53.40’W and continuing to
  • 46º54.30’N, 124º51.00’W, then to
  • 46º53.30’N, 124º51.00’W, then to
  • 46º53.30’N, 124º53.40’W, and back to the point of origin

Bottomfish Seasons and Limits

Bottomfish: Open year-round.  Daily limit is a total of 12 bottomfish regardless of species, subject to individual limits and seasons shown above. 


  • Marine Area 2 (Westport): open March 12, 2016 – October 15, 2016.  See bottomfish restricted areas below.
  • Marine Areas 1-4: Lingcod minimum size is 22 inches, the daily bag limit is two per angler. 


  • Open year-round. No minimum size. Daily limit 10.  No Canary or Yelloweye may be retained.  No retention or possession seaward of 30 fathoms March 15-June 15 (except when the primary halibut season is open).  See bottomfish restricted areas below.

Cabezon: Open year-round. No minimum size. Daily limit 2.

Sixgill, Sevengill, and Thresher sharks: Closed to fishing for, retaining, or possessing.  Sixgill shark may not be removed from the water. 

Surfperch: Open year-round. No minimum size. Daily limit 12, except Shiner perch daily limit 15 is not included in the bottomfish daily limit.