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Reference ID: DFW252111

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Reference ID: DFW252111
Critical Conservation Need      Submission Type: Public
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Dungeness Crab and Razor clams
Rule to Change:
Dungeness crab limit 5 per day. Razor clam limit 15 per day.
New Rule Proposal:
Dungeness crab 15 per month. Razor clams 30 per month.
Why the change is needed:
Crabing takes a lot of fuel and there are not enough quality boat launches to launch daily for recreation and sport fishing. More crab will be preserved plus 15 is more than enough for families to eat whether you get it in 1 outing or multiple outings. (Savings = Fuel, less upkeep and crowds at boat launches, conservation of crab.) Clams - having to drive to the ocean takes a lot of fuel and lodging cost. 30 a month should be done in a day or multiple days. More clams will be available to the public on a monthly basis. (Savings = Fuel, lodging, less clean up at beaches and parks because of fewer trips, conservation of clams.)
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Date submitted: 04/26/2012

WDFW Rule Proposal Recommendation

Not Recommended for further consideration     Reference ID: DFW252111

Regarding the razor clam portion of this proposal: Razor clams are managed on Total Allowable Catch quota and this rule potentially limits non-tribal fishers the right to that quota. Also, this rule also limits the numbers of clams to be harvested during their peak condition in the spring months. This rule unnecessarily limits the opportunity to enjoy the beaches, resulting in potentially severe economic losses to coastal communities. Regarding the crab portion of this proposal: On October 1, 2010, the commission adopted revisions to the Puget Sound Crab Policy (policy C-3609) that specifically identifies a recreational season design. In February of 2011 permanent regulations were adopted into law that implement the Commission’s crab season including daily limits. Modifying the recreational crab daily limit would be a departure from the Commission’s policy and therefore not a viable option at this time.

Online Public Comments    (3 comments)

STAUFFER, DAN H  September 21, 2012
I don't think the razor clam idea is good. Many digs are 3 days in length. A 30 per month limit would keep a family from digging all 3 days of a dig, thus derailing hotel/campground reservations and such.
VENEMAN, LINDA A  October 21, 2012
Please consider the razor clam limit change. Because of the dig schedule, we can usually only dig 1 day of the dig. That's not fair to people like us that drive over 100 miles to the beach. This next dig is an example of that. Only Saturday night is possible for anyone that has to work on Monday. (drive home, clean clams, I-5 Sunday night traffic, etc.) Allowing us to increase our take and forgo the other nights of the dig would be much fairer. As it is, we probably won't bother with this dig.
NELSON, KIM   December 19, 2012
I can agree to this proposal as long as the rules do not change on the number of pots that can be used as the rules now state. Also I would like to see that the commercial and tribes have restrictions on times they are allowed to fish. Most people fish on the week ends and there are only a few week ends per month as it is. If this took in effect would there be a chance that the seasons could be extended and add a longer season then there is now?