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Reference ID: DFW374822

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Reference ID: DFW374822
Critical Conservation Need      Submission Type: Public
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Eastern Washington and Columbia Region Freshwater
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 • Not species specific
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New Rule Proposal:
Anybody that fishes for hire i.e. guide or charter, must use rubberized nets.
Why the change is needed:
Different from the typical sport angler, guides and charters benfit monetarily from a fishery. Since they fish for hire, they are often the first representative of the methods and actions an angler should use when fishihg Whether they want to or not, they set the standard for other anglers. Given that they benefit monetarily and set an example for all other anglers, the guides and charters should use rubberized nets and be held to a higher standard of proper handling when netting fish (i.e. do not remove wild fish and oversized sturgeon from the water even if a photograph is wanted).
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Date submitted: 06/14/2012

WDFW Rule Proposal Recommendation

Not Recommended for further consideration     Reference ID: DFW374822

Given the agency mandate to provide commercial and recreational sport fishing opportunities, singling out one group of anglers, fishing guides, and requiring them to use a specific gear, rubberized nets, would be considered inconsistent and unfair.

Online Public Comments    (1 comments)

ALLISON, CHET W  December 07, 2012
Rubber nets and knotless nets make releasing fish safer. The know tear up the scales of the fish. With scales gone desease can set in. Authorized hook and relaese nets is the only way to go. I changed two or three years ago.