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2013 Recreational Fishing Rules Concise Explanatory Statement
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Meeting Feb. 8-9, 2013

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Reference ID: DFW530138

Original Rule Proposal     See comments

Reference ID: DFW530138
Critical Conservation Need      Submission Type: Public
Rules Category:
Species covered in proposed rule
 • Marine Bottomfish
 • Shellfish
 • Steelhead
 • Trout
 • Other

Other Description
Shellfish clams oysters. Salmons
Rule to Change:
Everyone to include native and all others. Hook and line only. Ths ceremonial issue can still be satisfied . The native commercial fishing with set net gill net operations don't allow us to release wild fish amogs other issues. I realize that the tribe have given money to the governor in exchange for other favors . Get the nets out of our streams. The creek robers don,t work. We are killing our resource Take a look at the state of Alaska or ore. They steped up and bought the rights. They areeffectively managing the fisherys .
New Rule Proposal:
All nets are to be out of Washington state waters. So the we can effectively manage our recourses. The curren practices & law are failing
Why the change is needed:
Our fisherys and shell fish management present and past has failed to the point we have lost or most coveted resource in the NW. Let's follow ore. & Alaska
Names of individuals or groups with whom you have discussed this change:
The general fishing public to include natives.
Describe their support and/or concerns:
The want the money so let's purchase them out of there shell fish and fishing rights
Submitted by: LOPEZ, PHIL  — KENT, WA

Date submitted: 04/30/2012

WDFW Rule Proposal Recommendation

Not Recommended for further consideration     Reference ID: DFW530138

The proposal addresses commercial fishing and is outside the scope of the sportfishing rule process.

Online Public Comments    (1 comments)

RAMIREZ, RAY M  January 28, 2013
Please, NO MORE NETS in Puget Sound. Any Where. Thank you! RR