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Reference ID: DFW603213

Original Rule Proposal     See comments

Reference ID: DFW603213
Recreational Opportunities      Submission Type: WDFW Staff
Rules Category:
Eastern Washington and Columbia Region Freshwater
Species covered in proposed rule
 • Not species specific
Rule to Change:
"Unlawful to fish from a floating device equipped with an internal combustion motor."
New Rule Proposal:
Delete/remove this rule from the Region 3 rivers/creeks listed below: 1) Ahtanum Creek (Yakima Co.) 2) American River (Yakima Co.) 3) Box Canyon Creek (Kittitas Co.) 4) Bumping River (Yakima Co.) 5) Cle Elum River (Kittitas Co.)- two sections: from mouth to Cle Elum Dam and Cle Elum Lake to Hyas Lake 6) Cooper River (Kittitas Co.) 7) Cowiche Creek (Yakima Co.) 8) De Roux Creek (Kittitas Co.) 9) Kachess River (Kittitas Co.) 10) Little Naches River (Yakima Co.) 11) Naneum Creek (Kittitas Co.) 12) Rattlesnake Creek (Yakima Co.) 13) Swauk Creek (Kittitas Co.) 14) Taneum Creek (Kittitas Co.) 15) Teanaway River (Kittitas Co.) 16) North Fork Teanaway River (Kittitas Co.) 17) Tieton River (Yakima Co.) 18) Umtanum Creek (Kittitas Co.)
Why the change is needed:
This is a "housekeeping" change to remove the internal combustion motor (ICM) prohibition from small rivers and creeks where the use of a floating device equipped with an ICM is impractical and would not be considered feasible by the vast majority of anglers. This will permit the removal of "nonsensical" ICM language for these waters from the 2013-14 fishing pamphlet. The current rule exists only because "Selective Gear Rules" (SGR) was adopted for these waters prior to the "de-coupling" of the terminal gear/"no bait" requirements from the ICM prohibition, which was effective on May 1, 2010. SGR was adopted for these smaller waters prior to 2010 solely for the terminal gear conservation benefits---not because WDFW wanted to ban the use of ICM's.
Names of individuals or groups with whom you have discussed this change:
Dist. 8 Fish Biologist, Eric Anderson Yakima Fly Fishers Association members
Describe their support and/or concerns:
Eric and the YFFA members support this housekeeping proposal that will eliminate unnecessary text in the fishing pamphlet.
Submitted by: EASTERBROOKS, JOHN A — ,

Date submitted: 06/07/2012

WDFW Rule Proposal Recommendation

Recommended for Public Comment     Reference ID: DFW603213

Rule Change Recommendation Short Title
Remove internal combustion motors prohibition on small streams

Rules Category

Type of Rule Change Proposal

County or Location Information

Short Description
Remove internal combustion motor prohibition rule from small streams in Regions 3 and 6.

This is a "housekeeping" change to remove the internal combustion motor (ICM) prohibition from small rivers and creeks where the use of a floating device equipped with an ICM is impractical and would not be considered feasible. Removes this rule from streams in the following counties: Grays Harbor, Kittitas, Lewis, Pacific, Pierce, Thurston, Wahkiakum, and Yakima.

County Stream Section Region 
King Co. Pratt River From mouth upstream 4
King Co. Taylor River From mouth upstream 4
King Co. Tolt River From mouth to USGS trolley cable near confluence of North and South forks 4
King Co. Tolt River, North Fork From falls in section 26 upstream 4
King Co. Tolt River, South Fork From dam upstream 4
Kittitas Co. Cle Elum River from mouth to Cle Elum and from Cle Elum to Hyas Lake 3
Kittitas Co. Umtanum Creek   3
Kittitas Co.  Box Canyon Creek   3
Kittitas Co.  Cooper River   3
Kittitas Co.  De Roux Creek   3
Kittitas Co.  Kachess River   3
Kittitas Co.  Naneum Creek   3
Kittitas Co.  North Fork Teanaway River   3
Kittitas Co.  Swauk Creek   3
Kittitas Co.  Taneum Creek   3
Kittitas Co.  Teanaway River   3
Lewis/Thurston Co. Skookumchuck River from Skookumchuck Reservoir upstream 6
Pacific Co. Cedar River   6
Pacific Co. Naselle River from the North Fork upstream 6
Pacific Co. Naselle River, South Fork   6
Pacific Co. Nemah River, Middle Fork from Dept. of Natural Resources bridge on Middle Nemah A-line Rd. upstream 6
Pacific Co. Nemah River, South Fork from confluence with Middle Nemah upstream to 2nd Hwy 101 bridge crossing 6
Pacific Co. Palix River from the confluence with the Middle Fork upstream (all forks including South Fork Palix and Canon rivers) 6
Pacific Co. Smith Creek near North River from Hwy 101 Bridge upstream 6
Pacific Co. Willapa River from Fork Creek upstream 6
Pacific Co. Willapa River, SF   6
Pacific/ Grays Harbor Co. North River from Fall River upstream to Raimie Creek 6
Pacific/Wahkiakum Co. Salmon Creek   6
Pierce Co. Nisqually River from Alder Reservoir upstream (including Little Nisqually, Mineral Creek, and North Fork Mineral Creek) and all other tributaries of Alder Reservoir 6
Pierce Co.  Clearwater River   6
Pierce Co.  Nisqually River from the military tank crossing bridge (located one mile upstream of the mouth of Muck Creek, river mile 12) to 400' below La Grande Powerhouse  6
Pierce Co.  Ohop Creek   6
Pierce Co.  Puyallup River from Weyerhaeuser 6000 Rd. (Bridge Camp) upstream  6
Pierce Co.  White River from Weyerhaeuser 6000 Rd. (Bridge Camp) upstream  6
Skagit Co. Cascade River From Rockport -Cascade Road upstream to headwaters 4
Snohomish Co. All Tributaries to the South Fork Skykomish River above Sunset Falls   4
Snohomish Co. Monte Cristo Lake Note: Monte Cristo "lake" is just a wide spot in the South Fork Sauk River; rules need to be consistent with the South Fork Sauk river 4
Snohomish Co. Pilchuck Creek Mouth to Highway 9 bridge 4
Snohomish Co. Sauk River From Darrington Bridge upstream including the forks 4
Snohomish Co. Skykomish River, South Fork From Sunset Falls upstream,  4
Snohomish Co. Stillaguamish River, South Fork From Mountain Loop Highway upstream 4
Snohomish Co. Tye River From Foss River upstream to Alpine Pass 4
Thurston Co. Deschutes River from Henderson Blvd. Bridge near Pioneer Park upstream 6
Thurston Co. McAllister Creek   6
Whatcom Co. Big Beaver Creek, Ross Lake Trib Mouth to headwaters 4
Yakima Co. Ahtanum Creek   3
Yakima Co.  American River    3
Yakima Co.  Bumping River   3
Yakima Co.  Cowiche Creek   3
Yakima Co.  Little Naches River    3
Yakima Co.  Rattlesnake Creek   3
Yakima Co.  Tieton River   3

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