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Reference ID: DFW695389

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Reference ID: DFW695389
Recreational Opportunities      Submission Type: Public
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Puget Sound Region Freshwater
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Rule to Change:
– changing the restricted dates allowing fishing from a floating device on Fazon Lake, Whatcom county current ending date is Jan 15th
New Rule Proposal:
– changing the restricted dates allowing fishing from a floating device on Fazon Lake, Whatcom county to ending of Feb 1 to coincide with the closing of duck hunting season.
Why the change is needed:
June 11, 2012 Washington Wildlife Commission & Dept of Fish & Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North Olympia, Wa 98501-1091 Subject: 2012-2013 regulation cycle for Sport Fishing Rule Changes Ref: Comments to Fazon Lake, Whatcom County – End Fishing Date of Jan15th from a floating device Dear Commission & the Fishing Program Division of the Dept of Fish & Wildlife: The Borderline Bassin Contenders, a Whatcom County based hunting & fishing club since 1973, appreciates the opportunity to give comments and suggest an emergency amendment – changing the restricted dates allowing fishing from a floating device on Fazon Lake, Whatcom county from ending date of Jan 15th to ending of Feb 1. The Jan 15th date is an altered date from the original dates set previously by the Commission years ago for safety reasons to allow fishing during a duck hunting season, but only from shore and not a floating device so as to not cause harm to fisherpersons and/or to not harass hunters with boat traffic through their decoy sets. The very original time period was Oct 1 thru Jan 1 and public meetings & hearings was held and approved at that time with discussion to be updated if seasons were updated. When the duck seasons were changed a few years ago to an ending date of Jan 15, the fishing laws were also updated to coincide. Last year the duck seasons were changed to closing on Jan 29th, but the fishing season date of Jan 15th was not changed in error. That is why for safety & hunter harassment, the allowed fishing ending date from a floating device needs to be changed to Feb 1 of each year to coincide with our duck season dates. It was brought to our attention the last weekend of last years duck season fisherpersons were trolling on the lake and conflicts started again because the fishing laws said this and the hunters assumed the law had been updated . This is not safe nor a responsible situation. We do not need as recreational users nor bad exposure to the Dept,, articles in the Bellingham Herald reading “child while fishing Fazon Lake with parent gets eye poked out due to shotgun pellet”!!! We would ask that the date for fishing from a floating device be updated for the 2013 regulation cycle, and that an emergency rule be put in place in time for next duck hunting season starting in the fall of Oct 2012. Our club as previously discussed with Dept Enforcement in Region 4, we would volunteer putting up closure signs at the launch & emergency closure notices at the local sporting goods stores this fall for the 2012 duck season. We have attached for your convenience a scaled shotgun shot fan spray drawing of Fazon Lake to denote existing duck blinds & shot fan spray patterns. The shot spray patterns are based on a 150yd hurt zone for normal duck hunting shot carrying capacity . We are showing six (6) existing duckblinds on the 32 acre lake, and as you can see for yourself the reasoning for this safety measure is self explanatory as to there is no place a fisherperson in a boat to get out of the way of shotgun spray. As discussed in public meetings and agreed upon years ago, the lake would still be open to fishing from shore during the Duck Season, just not from a floating device. Again thank you for your time and dedication towards our fish & wildlife resources, and please consider this change for the 2013/2014 fishing regulations. Sincerely, Bob Harriman, legislative liaison BorderLine Bassin Contenders cc: club pres, bd of dirs, 2284 E Hemmi rd Bellingham, Wash 98226 Ph 360-966-5273 eve Ph 360-734-1200 x3248 dys Email

See ATTACHED FILE for more information.

Names of individuals or groups with whom you have discussed this change:
Borderline Bassin Contenders - 45member hunting & fishing club since 1973 Annette Hoffman - fish program WDFW Bill Hebner - enforcement WDFW Ryan Valentine - local enforcement WDFW Daniel Garret & Justin Spinelli & Brett Barkdull - local bios' WDFW
Describe their support and/or concerns:
Borderline Bassin Contenders are in favor - espeically safety Enforcement is in favor Fish program concerned about time from fisherpersons, but lake very small and agree safety is important

Date submitted: 06/11/2012

WDFW Rule Proposal Recommendation

Recommended for Public Comment     Reference ID: DFW695389

Rule Change Recommendation Short Title
Reduce waterfowl hunter/angler use conflicts on Fazon & Tennant Lakes

Rules Category
Puget Sound Region Freshwater

Type of Rule Change Proposal

County or Location Information
Whatcom County

Short Description
UPDATED: Change seasons to not allow fishing from a floating device until January 28th -- to coincide with the closing date of waterfowl hunting season.

Balance opportunity for water fowl and fishing. Fazon Lake is a 32 acre lake with 6 duck blinds & one DFW access launch. Fishers in a boat or floating device cause ducks to flare or leave because of sight exposure.

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