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Reference ID: DFW809852

Original Rule Proposal     See comments

Reference ID: DFW809852
Recreational Opportunities      Submission Type: Public
Rules Category:
Puget Sound Region Freshwater
Species covered in proposed rule
 • Trout
Rule to Change:
For Lake Sixteen in Skagit County, aAll game fish-Last Sat in April-Oct 31 Statewide min. size/daily.
New Rule Proposal:
For Lake Sixteen in Skagit County, all species-Selective gear rules-Internal combustion motors prohibited. Trout year around, Minimum size 18". Daily limit 1. Other game fish- Year around Statewide min size/limit.
Why the change is needed:
Snohomish County deserves a quality lake. As Chair of Olympic Fly Fishers of Edmonds, I joined with the Evergreen Fly Fishers of Everett in examining prospective candidates. We agreed Lake Sixteen is the best candidate being only 50 minutes drive from southern Snohomish County. This lake is a suitable replacement for Ebey Lake which is legally inaccessable and will be dropped as designated fly fishing only water. Recently I submitted petitions to the Fish and Wildlfie Commission signed by more than 100 sportsmen supporting a new quality lake for this region. Lake Sixteen is capable of growing large fish and should be managed under a catch and release strategy to do so.
Names of individuals or groups with whom you have discussed this change:
The 65 members of the Olympic Fly Fishers of Edmonds have been informed of the prospect of a quality lake in close proximity to members that live in Snohomish County and enthusiastically endorse Lake Sixteen for designation for Selective Gear rules.
Describe their support and/or concerns:
The member have voted to support without reservation Selective gear rule for Lake Sixteen. We are concerned that the lake contains abundant bass and perch and hope that management as a quality lake will address that concern. If designated as a quality lake, Olympic Fly Fishers will consider applying for custodial managment under the department's adopt and access program.

Date submitted: 06/13/2012

WDFW Rule Proposal Recommendation

Not Recommended for further consideration     Reference ID: DFW809852

The region supports the concept of creating quality catch and release opportunity but not at the expense of an opening day lake (opens the fourth Saturday in April).

Online Public Comments    (9 comments)

BANKS, BOB   October 21, 2012
It is beyond comprehension why the Department removes a quality lake, (which could not be accessed because of governmental errors), and reduces the amount of quality lakes to only 5 in Pierce, King, Snohomish, Skagit and Whatcom counties combined. A selective fishery does NOT reduce the opportunity, but rather enhances it with year round fishing opportunities for quality fishing for everyone. This is a NO cost change that will likey be met with some "guff" for a brief period, but that will change within a couple of years. Lone Lake is a prime example. The Department should be targeting several lakes in the aforementioned counties for this change to "Selective" fishing. The Department needs to refocus to the "quailty" and NOT just the "put and take" philosopy that provides for fishing for a few weeks in April. There are ample lakes available for those individuals.
FREEBURG, TOM J  November 01, 2012
Many others have offered input for changes in the rules for enhanced fishing. The suggestions in items DFW616241 and DFW809852 proposed making Lake Sixteen a selective gear rules lake. The WDFW response was that the old rules should stay in effect, i.e. allow this lake to be an "opening day" lake. Many lakes in this area are already opening day lakes and very few have selective gear rules. This lake is capable of growing LARGE FISH and should be managed as a catch and release fishery. We are losing a flyfishing only lake, Ebey Lake, under the proposed rule changes. The change in the rules for Lake Sixteen would provide some compensation for the loss of Ebey Lake. The flyfishing clubs in the area want this change and most would help maintain Sixteen as a quality fishing opportunity lake." Consider this change as a win-win, with the eventual outcome being very good.
RICHARDSON, GEORGE E  November 03, 2012
This is the wrong idea that the WDFW is taking about not changing the rules on a opening day lake. We have plenty of opening day lakes. We do not have a selective fishing lake in Snohomish or Skagit county. A very large part of the fishing community in this sate has switched from catch and keep to catch and release. And they want quality fish to fish for year around. The switch has come largely because fishing opertunity's have gone away because of the way the state is managing steel head. It's not fair to give the bass fishermen what they want and not the selective quality fisherman anything. It also has been shown that it is less money for the sate to manage and stock these type of fisheries. I would think the sate would jump on an idea to save a few dollars. dollars that could be used in other areas of fishing that need our help.
JACOBSON, JAKE C  November 04, 2012
4. Lake 16 is a strong candidate lake for Selective Gear Regulations. It has relatively good water quality, good access, and is already regulated by Skagit County to not allow I.C. motors. The lake is 42 acres in size with a maximum depth of 30’. There are fewer than 2 homes for each 1000 linear feet of shoreline, making it one of the less human impacted lakes in the region. Several of the residents support a change to Selective Gear Fishing, with a 1 fish (over 18”) limit. 5. It has been shown that managing a lake for Selective Gear fishing provides for an enhanced fishing experience. A recent study at Lone Lake found that over 70% of the fish caught prior to spring stocking were over 16 inches long, and the catch rate was almost 2 fish an hour. Yet Lone is stocked at a relatively low rate (36 per acre in 2012) with fish that average 4 to the pound. Average weight of all fish caught in Lone throughout the year is 15.5 inches and 23.4 ounces. 6. We need another S.G. Lake!
IVERSON, GARY   November 12, 2012
Dear Sir, This e-mail is concerning the sports fishing rule changes for 2013-2014 for Lake Sixteen in Skagit county. The WDFW requested input for rule changes in items DFW616241 and DFW809852 which would allow making Lake Sixteen a selective gear rules lake. Because nearly all lakes in this region area are opening day lakes and few have selective gear rules, lake Sixteen is capable of growing large fish and should be managed as a catch and release fishery. Because we are losing Ebey Lake as a fly fishing only lake, under the proposed rule changes, the change in the rules for Lake Sixteen could provide some compensation for the loss of Ebey Lake. Fly fishing clubs in the area want this change and most would help maintain Sixteen as a quality fishing opportunity. Kindest Regards, Gary Iverson Evergreen Fly Fishing Club, Membership Chairman
NASH, WADE   November 14, 2012
As an active fly fisherman I would hope you will reconsider your "Not Recommended" ruling. I would think it significant that all of the major fly fishing clubs from North King County to the Canadian border are in agreement with the year round proposal. The membership of these organizations are well documented conservationists who are concerned with the fisheries now and into the future which is why they support year round catch and release for Lake Sixteen. We need a quality lake in this area so I hope you will re-consider your ruling.
MAC DONALD, WILLIAM C  November 18, 2012
I request that this proposal be Recommended for Further Consideration. There are many fly fishermen on the West Side, and we have few options for a fly fishing only at quality lake, without driving many hours to the East Side of the Cascades. Lake Sixteen is an ideal candidate and accessible to many fly fishers from King County north, without a long drive or a ferry ride. We think this would be a great lake for quality consideration, and hope the WDFW will consider this request more seriously. We have several other fly fishing clubs that support our request. Sincerely, Bill Mac Donald, President, Olympic Fly Fishers of Edmonds.
MARTIN, KEN B  November 21, 2012
I have been following the Lake Sixteen request for designation as a year-round catch and release designation. I would like to request that you change Lake Sixteen to Recommended for Public Comment. As an avid fly fisherman, this lake has excellent access, parking, insect life, and a relatively undeveloped shoreline. It would be appreciated if you would honor this request.
HAGY, JAMES L  November 29, 2012
Lake Sixteen SOULD be re-designated as submitted by Mr. Truax.

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