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# 28. Change opening date on Swift Reservoir

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Eastern Washington and Columbia Region Freshwater

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Skamania County

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Delay the opening to the first Saturday in June, add landlocked salmon rules with a maximum size of 15 inches, and increase the trout daily limit to 10 fish in September for the area from the dam to markers to 3/8 mile below Eagle Cliff Bridge.

Salmon and steelhead are being reintroduced into the waters above Swift Reservoir and a smolt collector is being installed to capture migrating juvenile fish so that they can be moved out of the reservoir each spring starting in 2013. The reservoir is home to a very popular sport fishery for trout and landlocked salmon. The later opener is to protect migrating smolts, and the maximum size for land locked salmon is to protect adult salmon which may be in the reservoir. The trout limit is increased in September to increase angler participation and make up for the later opener.

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Online Public Comments  (5 comments)

LAROCCO, MICHAEL   October 23, 2012
I don't think that Swift gets enough early season fishing pressure to significantly impact out-migrating smolts. maybe the harvesting of salmon should be limited to fish > x" to protect the smolts also. For the # of stockers dumped into the lake, they don't seem to hold over well. However, will the increased harvest rate possibly impact the cutthroat levels that inhabit the lake also?
CARVER SR., RUSSELL L  November 29, 2012
Please reject proposal #28 Changeing this will have minimal impact on the fishery as it is now.Also there are land locked and hatchery salmon that need to be harvested over 15" this will reall impact the opertunity to catch quality fish!
DODD, JOEL D  December 16, 2012
I support this proposal.
EMTER, DAVE W  January 03, 2013
I like this proposal. I enjoy fishing Swift alot. last fall I could hook 10 silvers for every 1 rainbow. I hope the smolt collector works. Fall fishing at Swift is the best place to go. I would like to make a suggestion to WDFW. How about planting more trout in the Power Canal when Swift is close. The reason I say this is other lakes I fish for trout the comorants swoop in and eat a lot of trout. Up at the power canal I have never seen a comorant. A different area to fish in late winter to early spring
ISAACSON, KEITH   January 16, 2013
I agree with this proposal, conservation of the North Fork Lewis Salmon and Steelhead returns need to be recognized. The return of spawning adults needs to be increased. The increased limit on trout will also enhance the overall fishery. I believe large trout will predate on the returning smolts.