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# 32. Increase daily bag limit for kokanee on Lake Merwin

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Eastern Washington and Columbia Region Freshwater

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Clark and Cowlitz counties

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Increase daily limit to 10 kokanee plus 5 trout.

Adult kokanee returns to Speelyai Hatchery have consistently exceeded escapement needs for broodstock collection for the last several years --escapement need is 160 pairs and several thousand over this have been returning annually.

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Online Public Comments  (8 comments)

MELUM, RICK S  October 08, 2012
As long as the new proposals do not affect the population as to decreasing of the Kokanee in Lake Merwin, why not increase the daily limit to ten fish. Now if the amount of Kokanee returning has consistently exceeded the needs for brood stocks then let’s harvest these fish and use the natural recourses as it is suppose to be used, and if it becomes necessary to decrease the limit at a later date so be it. Regards, Rick Melum
SCHLIEWE JR, MAX   November 12, 2012
I am opposed to this rule change. Merwin is a quality fishery from March thru September. This rule change may result in too many fish being caught in March thru May when there are large crowds on the lake especially if spring chinook fishing is poor. Merwin also has limited parking. A ten fish limit would reduce the turn over rate with the early fishermen like me staying longer. With the primary goal being to maintain a quality fishery at Merwin I recommend that you consider the following options: 1. Keep the existing limit of 5 kokanee and or trout. 2. From August 1-September 30 increase the limit to 10 kokanee and five trout. After September 30 most kokanee caught are next year's fish. 3. Increase limit to 7 kokanee and or trout. 4. Keep the curent limit and reduce stocking. This would increase the food supply per fish and result in larger fish. Please do not base your decision just on how many fish return to thr hatchery but on what is best to maintain a quality fisher
CARVER SR., RUSSELL L  November 29, 2012
Please pass rule change #32.There are more than enough fish to warrent an increased limits on this resivior.The limit could be increased to 15 fish with the abundant supply we have now.There have been to many fish spawning the past few years and we need more harvest.
BEITEY, SEAN P  December 13, 2012
I agree. We should increase the catch limit on Merwin lake to 10 fish, and 5 trout.
PASSMORE, MICHAEL F  January 09, 2013
Agree, although those of us incompetent anglers who struggle to boat 3-4 now will fall even farther from "the limit"!
HAZEN, BRUCE M  January 14, 2013
I think this is a good thing there are plenty of Kokanee as long as WDFW continues stocking the lake. WDFW will need to increase the amount of fish that they stock.
ISAACSON, KEITH W  January 16, 2013
I believe this proposal should be adopted, because of the large numbers of Kokanee available for Harvest on Lake Merwin. I am sure this could enhance the sale of fishing licenses in the region without hurting the current fishery on Lake Merwin. Local businesses would also benefit with this change.
MESSER, JIM   January 23, 2013
Something is amiss with kokanee management in Lake Merwin...the average size of kokanee has been steadily been getting smaller...if the limit is to be increased to 10 fish, i would suggest more fish be added from hatchery stocks and that Pacific Corp open the ramp at Cresap Bay is a popular fishery and when fishing is goodearly in the spring there is no place to park at Speelyai Bay due to overcrowding...