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# 10. Clarify boundaries for Burbank Slough

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Eastern Washington and Columbia Region Freshwater

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Walla Walla County

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Burbank Slough is listed in the Special Rules section and includes that "fishing from any floating device is prohibited." The current rule is not clear that some areas of Burbank are open to angling from a floating device.

The current rule is not clear that some areas of Burbank Slough are available for fishing from a floating device. Areas west of Highway 12 (Casey Pond) are open, as is the channel east of Highway 12 to the No. 3 Pumping Station.

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WEED, NATHAN D  October 02, 2012
The rule as-is is very clear. The areas, as suggested by the proposal is not a part of the Burbank Slough, it is a part of Lake Wallula. Casey’s Pond and areas west of highway 12 are great areas for kayakers, Canoeing and small boat owners to fish away from the overpowering Columbia River current. There is a very nice boat launch in this area that will become useless if these areas are off limits to boat fishing. Furthermore, this area of the river will become even more overwhelmed by shoreline poachers if there are no boat owners around to keep an eye on things. My friends and I have seen some pretty unusual and sometimes blatenly illegle methods of catching fish back here. The multiple rod restriction is completely ignored by the families that are fishing to put food on the table) We are constantly reminding the folks of the rules.