Sportfishing Rule Changes for 2017-2018

View and comment on proposals that were submitted by the public and WDFW staff.

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Statewide marine waters
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Puget Sound marine areas
Technical changes
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Coastal marine waters

Recommended for Public Comment

# 2. Classify Opah, Swordfish, Striped Marlin, and Dolphinfish as food fish   
Classify Lampris guttatus (opah), Xiphias gladius (swordfish), Kajikia audax (striped marlin), and Coryphaena hippurus (dolphinfish) as "food fish".
# 7. Shrimp pot mesh size   
Allow 1/2 inch mesh size for shrimp pots inside 20 fathoms year round in Marine Areas 1-3 and Marine Area 4 west of the Bonilla-Tatoosh Line. This proposal would allow opportunity to harvest coonstrip.....
Not Recommended for further consideration

Fishing license for smelt
Allow 2-pole in coastal marine waters
Increase razor clam limit
Razor clam special permit by lottery
Reduce black rockfish limit
Dungeness Crab minimum size