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Reference ID: DFW031559

Original Rule Proposal     See comments

Reference ID: DFW031559
Recreational Opportunities      Submission Type: Public
Rules Category:
Puget Sound Region Freshwater
Species covered in proposed rule
 • Trout
Rule to Change:
None. 2011 was "Use of boats with internal combustion engines prohibited."
New Rule Proposal:
Illegal to run internal combustion engines.
Why the change is needed:
Many of us have boats (mine 15 ft aluminum) with motors bolted on as an anti-theft measure. I'd be happy to takes friends and their kids fishing, and use my electric bass motor, but it's now illegal, even if I leave the gas at home and tilt up my motor. It's very hard to take 3 kids fishing when I have to use the float tube. Lake Langlois, Pine lake, Beaver Lake, Rattlesnake Lake & at least 5 more lakes near Fedreral Way (Hwy18 and I-5.) I used to take friends fishing all the time, but after my $2000 motor got stolen, I bolted the new one one. (The old one was chained, but the theives cut it.)
Names of individuals or groups with whom you have discussed this change:
WDFW director, and got his jr. attorney, 2010.
Describe their support and/or concerns:
Didn't listen, just wanted to "win". He said "it's too hard to enforce not using a motor, because when people call us, by the time the game warden gets there, they've turned off the motor." In an age of cell phone videos??? How about if we leave the gas cans at home, tip up the motor, and use the Minn Kota?
Submitted by: HAFFNER, DREW T — TACOMA, WA

Date submitted: 05/01/2012

WDFW Rule Proposal Recommendation

Not Recommended for further consideration     Reference ID: DFW031559

This issue has arisen many times during regulation setting processes. The agency has considered multiple ways to deal with allowing boats with mounted internal combustion motors on lakes, while preventing their use. The end result is that it is diificult to impossible to enforce whether an angler uses that motor regardless of the prohibition. To simplify enforcement, it is best to leave the current rule in place. While this may limit an angler from a few lakes there are still hundreds of other lakes statewide that can used by a vessel that has a mounted internal combustion motor.

Online Public Comments    (4 comments)

SULKOSKY, JASON L  September 24, 2012
I live on the grande ronde river and run my boat all the time when leagal to do so and DO NOT want it to become illegal.. its the only spot i have left to fish from my boat.. i cant get there from a electric motor...
COX, ROGER D  October 28, 2012
Ban the motors in use or not. They must be removed from the boat to use the lake.
WARM, WALLY   December 08, 2012
that's easy to fix no gas tank's or gas line and if you have a internal gas tank spark plug's must be out of the motor
BIENKOWSKI, ROBERT R  December 10, 2012
I believe the solution is as simple as REMOVING THE PROPELLER AND TIPPING THE COMBUSTION ENGINE UP,PROP MUST NOT REMAIN ON BOARD. This was the method used by Florida when I lived there till 2003 and was very successful. This eliminates any question of useage.