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Reference ID: DFW079121

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Reference ID: DFW079121
Recreational Opportunities      Submission Type: Public
Rules Category:
Puget Sound Region Freshwater
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Rule to Change:
wdfw access(boat launch) is open from dawn till dusk.
New Rule Proposal:
allow night fishing for catfish, and brown bullhead in region 4 lowland lakes at wdfw boat launches and other wdfw lowland lake fisheries in region 4.
Why the change is needed:
currently region 4 lowland lakes are open to fish day or night, but one can not gain access to these lakes past dark at wdfw access points and in order to effectively fish for catfish and brown bullhead, one must fish at night. brown bullhead and catfish exist in many lakes in the area, and in abundance in some lakes, such as in lake cassidy, snohomish county. it would be cost effective to allow people to fish for brown bullhead, as it is on opportunity to catch fish that do not need to be stocked and can easily attain a size of 2-3lbs. simply set the daily limit for brown bullhead at 5/day/person no min size, open all year. and that is all the maintenance that will need to be done. channel catfish are a known favorite among anglers, allowing people to access fisheries containing channel catfish at night, would give anglers another great fishing opportunity. i would suggest stocking catfish, one time, in at least 2 lakes in each county in region 4 to enhance fishing opportunities also.
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Date submitted: 05/04/2012

WDFW Rule Proposal Recommendation

Not Recommended for further consideration     Reference ID: DFW079121

Public access areas managed by DFW in Region 4 are closed to the public during night hours to prevent illegal activity and vandalism. The illegal activites are not associated with anglers but more likely other residents of the State of Washington that find public access areas a quiet and convenient place to engage in illicit activities. The move to close these areas was done as a public safety and enforcement action. In regards to bullhead catfish management, bullhead catfish are highly productive and do not warrant harvest restrictions to maintain healthy/harvestable populations. There are already several hundred lakes statewide with bullhead populaitions and WDFW does not have plans to initiate a bullhead stocking program in the future. In regards to channel catfish, WDFW views channel catfish as a valuable fishery resource and is currently developing plans to increase the number of lakes in which they will be planted in the near future.

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GIRTZ, TODD J  September 21, 2012
i think this would be a good rule change cat fish bite better at night this would let people have better acsses to these fish.

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